Milik is an independent brand that believes in creating conceptual wearable objects from multicultural and personal inspirations.

 Milik jewellery are like her own canvas,where she express herself and comunicate with the world and  people through them.

 Milik combines high quality Peruvian / Japanese materials with an artistic and technical vision. All her jewellery and accessory are carefully crafted  by herself with a sustainable and conscious spirit.

 Milik has a Japanese craft design degree at Nagoya Art University that helps her to understand , see and put material in different context.Like transform a piece of traditional antique kimono textile into a 3D contemporary necklace.

 Milik Jewellery is for people who seek originality through creative and unique hand-made pieces. Also work under bespoke orders.

 Milik is currently in England and exploring around Europe, searching for lines, materials, and new inspirations to create a new vision for future jewellery.