Shodō ( Japanese Calligraphy ) Workshop

Shodō ( Japanese Calligraphy ) Workshop

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Calm your mind and find inner peace by understanding the philosophy and art of traditional Japanese writing

Japanese calligraphy, known as Shodō, is rich in its history and form.

In many cases, a single character can represent an entire concept, making it akin to a painting.

You will learn how to combine the calligraphy art form with mindfulness  and  to  discover the essence of Shodō.

This day you will practice how to connect body, mind, spirit, and brush to flow through the ink and paper. Learn how to gravitate between the practical aspect of calligraphy and its spiritual component.

This process allows your inner peace to translate into anything you create.


Who is this workshop for?

For anyone + 8 years old  interested in calligraphy art, ink painting, or mindfulness meditation.

Requirements and materials

No previous experience or knowledge of calligraphy and Shodo is necessary.

ALL materials are provided.

There are 2 workshops of 45min. each.