Milik is a young independent brand that believes in creating wearable objects created from multicultural inspiration.
Milik combines high quality Peruvian/Japanese materials with an artistic and technical vision.
All jewelries and accesories are hand-made by herself.
Milik products are for people who seek originality through creative and unique hand-made pieces.

Milik's work mixes materials such as the kimono (Japanese textile) and the poncho (Peruvian textile) and puts them into a different context.
Combining both tradition and contemporaneity, Milik communicates its multicultural influences and passes them into other worlds. 
Milik is currently in Europe, searching for lines, materials, and new inspirations to create a new vision for jewelry.

Milagros Kuga is a Peruvian  jewellery and accessories designer currently based in London, UK. During her BA studies at Nagoya University of Arts in Japan,  Milagros
has developed her own label MILIK. One of her pieces got selected with honors at Japan Jewelry Art Competition 2008.
Her works are wearing around Japan, France and Australia.

Mili`s work is inspired from her roots and culture, and from her experiences that she encounters all around the world.

2013   Biocenosis,  No Vacancy Gallery, Melbourne - Australia.
2012   Concrescence,  Menio Gallery, Nagoya - Japan.
2012   Concrescence, No Vacancy Gallery, Melbourne, Australia.
2011  SynchroNIcity, Cite des arts, Paris - France.
2010   Compilation, Cite des arts, Paris - France.
2010   Symbiosis, T.A.G Izuto Gallery, Nagoya - Japan.
2009   Ofrenda para Dioses, Rubo Gallery, Ichinomiya - Japan.

2010 “本能寺が燃える”, Japanese Opera performance`s accesory, Nagoya - Japan.

2017  August 5th-6th. Art in the park, Leamington Spa
2016    ( October )  Made in Leamington, Leamington spa - United Kingdom
2016    ( August  6th- 7th ) Art in the Park, Leamington spa - United Kingdom
2016    ( May 21th ) Art Fair,  Leamington spa - United Kingdom
2015    Made in Leamington, Leamington spa - United Kingdom
2015    Art in the Park, Leamington spa - United Kingdom
2014     Hyper Japan, Fringe Market , London- United Kingdom
2012 /2013  The Rose St. Artists' Market , Melbourne  - Australia
2011    Open studio Market, Paris France
2004/2007  Creator's Market, Nagoya - Japan
2001   Nagoyako Craft Market, Nagoya Japan